Things We've Been Talking About - March

At the start of the month we told you a few pieces of Aluroll news. Like how our Nigerian branch is setting the pace in capital city Lagos, and how our new locking system is going down really well with installers. It’s also worth noting that we’re changing our garage door order forms soon to make them easier to follow.

It’s been positive elsewhere too. While the UK’s economic growth has slowed, manufacturing has actually surpassed positive forecasts. We’ve been reading exciting predictions for the physical security market for a while now, with the latest figures suggesting extensive growth by 2019. It also looks like word is getting out about how important it is that physical security isn’t overshadowed by cyber security. With reports declaring cyber crime to be the biggest threat to businesses and the economy, this interesting article explains how physical and cyber security can actually work together.

In other crime news, more than half of UK businesses have reported economic crime in the last two years. And some unusual items were stolen from a warehouse in London. We’re not sure how easy it would be to shift a stuffed chimpanzee in a top hat.

And finally, our roundup just wouldn’t be complete without some crime fails. Like this burglar who stood in flour in his victim’s home, leaving a trail of footprints to his front door. Or this one who made a hole in a garage door before realising he was too big to fit through it.

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Things We've Been Talking About