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Hundreds of colour and finish options available across Aluroll's Roller Garage Doors & Security Shutters

Aluroll works with distributors and trade installers to provide competitive roller garage and security shutter solutions to end customers. Through slowly expanding our range of products without sacrificing quality we address the majority of domestic, commercial and industrial customer needs.

Only offering curtains, enclosures and guides we make in-house and investing heavily in efficient manufacturing and operating processes guarantees great quality. Integrating motors and components from a range of carefully vetted suppliers allows our solutions to fit within almost any budget. 


Roller Garage Doors

Aluroll Roller Garage Doors offer a secure & stylish solution for homeowners. Aluroll offer the highest specification roller doors available in the UK market and all products are made to measure, incorporating high-security guide channels, full roller housings, intelligent safety systems and remote control electric operation with courtesy lights. Aluroll doors come complete with a manual override facility to be utilised in the event of power failure.


Domestic Security Shutters

M411 & T77 insulated aluminium security shutters are popular in domestic properties as they offer heat and sound insulation properties. The M411 in particular has the added benefit of vented light slots which allow air floor and light ingress when appropriate.

The non-insulated E37 & E77 extruded aluminium shutter can be specified in high security domestic applications or where a specific RAL or BS colour is required.


Commercial Security Shutters

Aluroll’s full range of aluminium and steel security shutters are used in commercial applications in a variety of applications.

The M411 aluminium shutter is typically utilised in lower security window applications or reception counters / kiosks.

The E37 aluminium shutter is the most popular commercial shutter on door and window applications up to circa 12m².

The T55 & T77 shutters are ideal for applications that require a degree of insulation as well as being utilised on lower security warehouse doors or shop fronts (to protect glazing).

The E77, V77, P77, S76, I95 & i100 shutters are most commonly used on openings beyond 12m² dependent on budget and application.

Fire Shutters (1 to 4 hour rated certifications) are typically utilised for kitchen applications in schools, hospitals, commercial and municipal buildings.


LPCB Secured By Design Security Shutters

Aluroll is serious about security and testing and obtaining approval by the Loss Prevention & Certification Board (LPCB) was a natural progression for us. Our LPCB security shutters products are approved to LPS 1175 SR1, SR2, SR3 & SR4 dependent on product.

Every Aluroll security shutter product has unique features and the Aluroll Technical Department works closely with architects and trade installers to ensure the right product is specified for the right department.   


KEY Motor and component suppliers

Somfy Logo.png

In over 60 countries Somfy is recognised as a world leader in door and window automation solutions for the home and building industry.

Visit Somfy website

Alulux has been developing and producing pioneering products with the German art of engineering for more than 50 years

Visit Alulux website

NRG Logo.png

NRG Automation are the exclusive UK distributor of Elero / Econom motors and Teleco control systems.

Visit NRG Automation website

GfA produce over 160,000 drives and control systems for industrial doors from their plant in Düsseldorf (Germany) each year

Visit GFA website

Tata Steel is one of the world’s most geographically diversified steel producers, with operations in 26 countries.

Visit Tata Steel website

Elero Logo.png

Elero are a leading global supplier of drives and controllers for intelligent, sustainable home automation and industrial applications.

Visit Elero website

Heroal develops, produces and sells systems for building shells that matched each other. Heroal employs over 800 employees in Germany.

Visit Heroal website

Alukon is well known in international construction for high quality Germany-made roller shutters, roller doors and garage doors.

Visit Alukon website

Teleco Logo.png

Teleco Automation produces home and industrial wireless radio automation systems designed for simple installation.

Visit Teleco website

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