tube & link Security grille with aluminium housing

tube & link alu


Medium security commercial sites where see-through vision is a priority. The Tube & Link grille offers high visibility and can be used internally behind glass for shop displays, or as a stand-alone security barrier. The Tube & Link is also available with steel housing

Grille Lattice  

Brick formation as standard, utilising 13mm diameter tubes enclosing 8mm steel rods. Vertical lattice links create 56mm high openings (lower/higher available on request), enabling 75% transparency.

Colours: Anodised aluminium, mill finish or powder coated. 

Weight per m²:: 9kg
Maximum Width :: 6000mm
Maximum Surface :: 20m² (tubular motor), 40m² (outboard motor)

Enclosure / Housing

Roll-formed housing from 1.0mm aluminium; pressure moulded aluminium end caps

Colours: White or brown as standard. Powder coating available (surcharge applies).

Guide Height (mm)   Plate Size* (mm)
            2695                         305
            4145                          355
            5200                         400

*These sizes apply to standard shutter roll methods only. Reverse rolled curtains will require larger boxes than those shown.  Plate sizes shown as a guide only and may increase dependent on shutter width.

Three-phase motor applications enclosure sizes will vary dependent on the overall shutter size.

Note: The above enclosure sizes are based on standard tube motor operation and three-phase external direct drive motor.

Guide Channels / Bottom Slat

Mill, white or brown aluminium guide sections are standard for the aluminium variant. Standard guide channel is 75mm wide; larger guide channels available on request.

Colours: White or brown as standard. Powder coating available (surcharge applies).


Electric: Single phase tubular motor or three-phase direct drive motor dependent on curtain weight, with push button control. 
Operation can be provided by remote control, group or mobile phone activation. 

Manual override facility as required. Safety brake included as standard, to meet requirements of BS EN 13241:2003-1. 

Aluroll Tube & Link Security Grill Profile
tube & link close side b


tube & link Security Grille with aluminium housing DATA SHEET

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