Steelroll i95 security shutter

i95 security shutter


High security commercial sites requiring large aperture coverage, and improved insulation properties from the shutter. Ideal for rapid rise / fast action opening and closing when in conjunction with frequency inverter motor and appropriate sensory peripherals. 

Curtain Slat

Double skinned polyester powder coated 95mm steel slat with polyurethane foam insulating core.

Colour: Galvanised finish as standard. Option to powder coat any RAL / BS colour or choose from a range of plastisol finishes (surcharges applies).

Profile Height     :: 95mm
Weight per m² :: 12kg
Maximum Width :: 8000mm
Maximum Surface :: 22m² (tubular motor) 35m² (outboard motor) 

Enclosure / Housing

Manufactured from 0.9mm galvanised steel sheet. End caps are fabricated from 3mm - 12mm steel.

Colour: Galvanised finish. Option to powder coat any RAL / BS colour (surcharge applies).


Guide Height (mm)    Plate Size* (mm)                                                           2195                           355                                                                    3250                          400                                                                    4000                          450   


Guide Height (mm)    Plate Size* (mm)
            3250                       400
            4250                       450
            5000                       500
            6000                       550

*These sizes apply to standard shutter roll methods only. Reverse rolled curtains will require larger boxes than those shown.  Plate sizes shown as a guide only and may increase dependent on shutter width.

Guide Channels / Bottom Slat

Aluminium powder coated bottom slat with EPDM weather seal. Guide channel depth is 85mm as standard.

Colour: Galvanised finish. Option to powder coat any RAL / BS colour (surcharge applies).

Note: The guide channels are bolted to fixing angles or box section to suit the application.


Electric: Single phase tubular motor with internal rocker switch or external key switch as standard, or three-phase motor with push button control station as standard. Motors can be direct drive, inboard or outboard design. Numerous control options including group, remote, timed closure or mobile phone activation. Manual override facility as required (surcharge applies). 

CE compliant to all applicable directives and regulations. 

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i95 security shutter DATA SHEET

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