V37 & p37 Security shutter

v37 & p37  shutter


Medium security domestic and commercial sites, up to 12m². The V37 (punched) and P37 (perforated) rolling shutters are a robust and lightweight barrier concealed within a compact enclosure when fully open. The shutter range is ideal for window openings and pedestrian door entrances, either internally or externally mounted.

Solid slats may be incorporated as required for partial vision. Polycarbonate inserts which infill the punched (V37) section are optional.

Curtain Slat

Single-skinned extruded aluminium. 

Colours: White or brown. Option to powder coat any RAL / BS colour (surcharge applies). 

Blind Surface :: 37.5mm
Weight per m² :: 5.6kg (V37) / 5kg (P37)
Max width :: 4000mm
Max surface :: 12m²

Enclosure / Housing

Manufactured from roll-formed aluminium with a stove-enamelled finish. End caps are pressure moulded aluminium alloy. 

Colours: White or brown. Option to powder coat any RAL / BS colour (surcharge applies).

Guide Height (mm)         Plate Size* (mm)     
           1050                               150
           1535                               165
           1820                               180
           2795                              205
           3550                              250
           4700                              300

*These sizes apply to standard shutter roll methods only. Reverse rolled curtains will require larger boxes than those shown.  Plate sizes shown as a guide only and may increase dependent on shutter width.

Guide Channels / Bottom Slat

The extruded aluminium bottom slat is fitted with a weather seal. Guide channels are available with a circular surface. 45mm, 53mm, 60mm HD, or 66mm guide depths. Self-packing guides are also available. 

Colours: White or brown. Option to powder coat any RAL / BS colour (surcharge applies).


Cord: The swivel winder coils the belt when it is pulled up to a maximum weight of 20kg. 

Rod and Crank: Geared rod and crank handle winds the shutter up to a weight of 25kg. 

Spring and Lock: A counter-balanced spring assembly with a key-lock bottom slat & handles up to a weight of 30kg. 

Electric: Single phase tubular motor & wall switch as standard. Numerous options such as group or remote control etc. Manual override facility as required. 




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